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Explanted Poly Implant Prosthése (PIP) Breast Implants - An Independent Examination

International Medical Device Expert, Haroon Atchia, examines the investigation and analysis conducted by the Competent Authority Sweden

London, 9 January 2014

The scandal about breast implants made and Placed on the Market with the CE Marking of Conformity according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC (as Amended) by Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) revealed numerous deficiencies in the way in which such product is regulated. The Competent Authority Sweden (Läkemedelsvertet, LMV) is the latest regulatory authority to promulgate a series of 4 test reports related to PIP silicone breast implants on the Swedish market. Mr Atchia provides an unbiased, independent and in depth analysis of the 4 LMV reports on the following subjects:

This research examines the latest deliberations and conclusions promulgated by Sweden, in an attempt to discover if science supports conclusions, inferences of association and causation particularly relating to the shift in policy and advice to women and health service promulgated by the Läkemedelsverket.

According to Atchia, “evidence available to the LMV varies in completeness and detail, particularly regarding epidemiology, which is exceedingly patchy. Generally, scientific method applied by LMV was of high standard although statistical relevance of samples tested is questionable and certain errors in analysis of data were evident. As with other Competent Authority analyses of this long running scandal, there seems for be a tendency toward protectionism supporting less than fully supported conclusions”.

The report is written in English and is supplied as a PDF. It is available for purchase from the QFI website. 129 pages. Price: £199.

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