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Manufacturers must understand the implications of the 2014 update to ISO 11135 on the sterilisation of medical devices using ethylene oxide

A new paper written by Haroon Atchia identifies and assesses the changes introduced by ISO 11135:2014

London, 7 January 2015

Haroon Atchia – CEO of the London-based medical device regulatory consultancy Quality First International – has written an article on the changes to ISO 11135 on the sterilisation of medical devices by exposure to ethylene oxide.

The paper entitled “Critical examination of changes to ISO 11135 on sterilisation of medical devices by exposure to ethylene oxide” examines the standard in an attempt to understand the implications for medical device manufacturers currently using ISO 11135-1:2007 and those seeking to apply ISO 11135 for the first time.

“When a new standard or edition of an existing standard is published, it is not uncommon for this to create questions on changes and implications but it is not always easy or efficient to understand such factors because of daily demands. Therefore, I hope that this work can assist the reader in the daily application of the new standard and also prompt some fundamental questions that the standard does not seem to answer, so could be considered in the future.”, says H Atchia.

The English language article of 38 pages is available at www.qualityfirstint.com.
RRP: £80 (plus VAT, as applicable).

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