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First basic environmental performance requirements for medical devices defined by Quality First International

An article published by London-based medical device regulatory consultancy Quality First International conceives the first environmentally-related requirements for medical devices as it is time that sustainability and eco-friendliness become topics of discussion in the industry.

London, 5 December 2019

Quality First International (QFI) has published an article in the November 2019 issue of the Journal of Medical Device Regulation which outlines the very first Basic Environmental Performance Requirements (BEPR) for medical devices.

“The environmental impact of medical devices, their contribution to pollution, plus their sustainability, receive no attention” says the author Haroon Atchia, CEO and Chief Technical Officer at QFI. “However, they should be considered hugely significant factors considering the quantities of medical devices used globally.”

The article proposes a number of Basic Environmental Performance Requirements (BEPR) to define attributes that sustainable medical devices should achieve in order to promote good medical device environmental quality through fundamental design and construction to ensure high-performing, environmentally-healthy products with the lowest possible environmental waste potential.

 “It is hoped that these BEPR will inspire improved medical device design to establish medical device environmental, green and sustainability state-of-the-art concepts”, confirms Atchia.

The article may be ordered from the Global Regulatory Press website – GlobalRegulatoryPress.com – or by email to sales@globalregulatorypress.com. Price: £50 (plus VAT as applicable). Reference: “Basic Environmental Performance Requirements for medical devices: Attributes for eco-friendly, green and sustainable medical devices (November 2019)”.

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