Audits and inspections

20 April 2020

QFI offers a wide and comprehensive range of audit and inspection services to the medical device sector operating a fully-documented process covering a wide range of regulations and jurisdictions. QFI assesses any existing Quality Management System (QMS) documentation for compliance with regulations and standards and prepares a detailed remedial plan to bring the system into compliance.Audit of goal-oriented QMS and other systems is offered to every size of manufacturer, distributor, private label and other economic operators also to supply chain – from raw material vendors, sub-tier suppliers and full contract manufacturers. Types of audit conducted include product and production/process, completed according to client or QFI procedures.

QFI performs government-standard inspections, ranging from Establishment inspection conducted to FDA inspection guides and conformity assessment to EU Competent Authority and Health Canada standard.

Additionally, QFI offers services to assess critical sub-contractors and crucial suppliers according to Commission Regulation 2013/473 (EU) and associated Market surveillance regulations.

QFI’s high-calibre technical specialists conduct product audit and assessment exceeding Notified body standard, specialising in high-risk and forefront product; QFI also conducts EU design-examination assessments, including on combination products, devices containing or derived from animal/ human tissue and other class III products; product technology and special process audits.

Additionally, QFI conducts labour standards assurance system (LSAS) audit, QMS, scientific, technical and regulatory audits for due diligence purposes plus MDSAP inspections.


20 April 2020

Quality First International provides:

  • Assessment of product design, calculations, working drawings, control systems, equipment specifications and Quality System against International and Harmonised European Standards
  • Verification of conformity of relevant documents against the appropriate international and Harmonised European standards, Consensus and other recognised Standards
  • Examination of Technical Documentation according to relevant national and international Regulations
  • Verification that inspection, supervision, test and document control satisfy production process Requirements

QFI assesses any existing Quality Management System (QMS) documentation for compliance with regulations and standards and prepares a comprehensive remedial plan to bring the system into compliance. This can include all contributing subcontractors, including any declared responsible on a device label are subject to audit against the requirements of the conformity assessment procedure of the principal manufacturer and is conducted in several phases.

QFI helps to conduct internal audits when:

  • The scope of the assessment surpasses the abilities of the Notified Body
  • A corporation wishes to outsource internal audit resources
  • An internal audit programme needs external support
  • Compliance verification is desired
  • Conformity Assessment Procedures (CAP) are required for integration into a corporation
  • Technology audit is desired
  • Due diligence is required to the highest standard, including start-up and blue-chip

QFI auditors will:

  • Conduct exhaustive audits and inspections according to client company procedures or our internal QMS audit procedures
  • Include technical assessment of product, process and service functions
  • Ensure the audit is unfettered unlike Notified Body and other Conformity Assessment Body audits
  • FDA and Competent Authority inspections, etc
  • MDSAP inspection
  • Evaluate regulatory compliance
  • Identify any gaps that exist between the relevant standards and the processes implemented
  • Create a remedial action plan arising from audit findings and examination of supporting documentation
  • Formulate recommendations and instructions to implement changes
  • Improve the overall efficiency of your Quality Management System

Quality First International performs regulatory compliance audits and inspections to levels expected and practised by Governmental organisations (notably the Competent authority UK (MHRA), FDA and European Competent Authorities) and surpass Notified Body scrutiny. We offer outstanding external resources in support of medical device manufacturers, vendors, and distributors (internal) audits. Our team of technically competent and experienced product specialist auditors bring to the auditing process exceptional scientific, technical medical device regulatory, organisational and Quality System knowledge.

Auditus is particularly useful:

When an audit is undertaken to verify that the manufacturer has:

  • Conclusively demonstrated full application of regulations and standards appropriate to the intended geographical marketplace
  • Appropriate infrastructure and resources
  • Appropriate product life-time design control
  • Adequate means of identifying and reporting alleged adverse events
  • Adequate Technical Documentation to support the CE mark, FDA approvals, Health Canada approvals, etc


When Expert Witness evidence is necessary as part of Due Diligence or preparations in defence of possible regulatory enforcement.

QFI performs medical device system compliance audits against:

  • US regulations
  • UK medical device regulations
  • European medical devices Directives
  • Canadian regulations
  • Australian regulations
  • EN ISO 9001 et seq
  • EN ISO 13485
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

Assessment includes:

  • Meticulous scrutiny in defence of regulatory enforcement
  • Quality System provisions
  • Production facilities
  • Technical review of production
  • Subcontractor’s premises
  • Final product inspection
  • Testing techniques
  • Product design

CE mark programme

20 April 2020

CE marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that a product satisfies appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation in Europe. The CE marking demonstrates that a manufacturer has implemented appropriate European Regulation and Directives and the relevant authorities have authorised access to the European market.

For medical devices whether your business is a large blue-chip organisation, SME or start-up company, QFI can guide and assist with the many steps to attain CE Marking whereby we can assist in numerous ways, notably:

  • Medical device classification
  • Appropriate Notified Body selection
  • Communication with Competent Authority where necessary
  • Essential Requirements Compliance
  • Identify applicable harmonised standards and help ensure conformity with them
  • Support implementing and maintaining ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 quality systems
  • Construct labelling, packaging, brochure and Instructions for Use
  • Conduct hazard evaluations, risk assessment and management
  • Performance evaluation design and management
  • Clinical investigation design and management
  • Vigilance Procedure and Post Market Surveillance development and execution
  • Produce Design Dossiers where necessary
  • Act as an Authorised Representative
  • Improve and compile the entire CE Technical file
  • Expedite submissions to the relevant authorities
  • Register medical devices with the appropriate Competent Authority
  • Provide on-site regulatory support during Conformity Assessment by Notified Bodies including EC design-examination

QFI has significant experience in bringing a wide range of products to the European market, including:

  • Cardiovascular devices
  • Orthopaedic devices
  • Active and active implantable devices
  • TSE and animal tissue-derived products
  • Medical-electrical devices
  • Devices containing radioactive material
  • Borderline devices
  • Nanotechnology devices
  • Wireless devices
  • Medical device software including stand-alone and Cloud
  • Bluetooth devices
  • In vitro diagnostic products
  • Drug-device combination products
  • Wound healing products
  • Continence devices
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Breast implants
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Cosmetic products
  • Other permanent implants
  • Cognitive psychology

Additionally, we can produce high-calibre usability and human factors engineering files and evidence, support user and post-market studies and evaluations, as part of structured surveillance programmes.

QFI also conducts detailed medical device risk analysis to exerting standards, complying with leading standards and practices, safety and reliability engineering and health service standards.


20 April 2020

CLASSify allows professionals in the medical device sector and other interested observers to classify products or interrogate the Class of a particular medical device. The website overcomes the need to refer, apply, interpret and record searches that would otherwise demand manual efforts.CLASSify is the first on-line Classification portal designed to permit users the convenience and simple tool to classify medical devices subject to regulatory control in various parts of the World. Conceived and developed by professionals with numerous years of experience, familiarity and knowledge of the various Classification schemes, the website was engineered by regulatory specialists and experienced programmers following interrogation of the Classification Rules, opinions and other informative sources.

CLASSify allows users to determine the correct EC Product Class (commonly referred to as CE Class or Class) of a medical device, quickly and accurately. Our service was developed with the knowledge of the European Commission but does not constitute an endorsement of the website opinions expressed by us or other users, further, the Class determined and referral to European Official text and does not constitute opinion or judgement by the European Commission.

CLASSify constitutes additional armamentarium to the regulatory professional seeking to determine, confirm or simply check the Class of a medical device to be placed on the Market. With added ease of viewing information in graphical and textual mode, plus the ability to search for the Class of precedent devices already CE Marked, our website will be your primary resource when classification or re-classification is necessary.

Using our unique, intelligent Classification Chart, we offer our members the ability to classify their medical devices in a way previously unheard of. The chart utilises knowledge of the classification rules according to Annex IX from Council Directive (93/42/EEC) to determine what EC Product Class your medical device belongs to. Once you complete the classification of your device, a Classification Report will be available for your device which you can download as PDF. Saving you time and effort, CLASSify will quickly become your primary resource when classification or re-classification is necessary.

Why CLASSify?

  • Saves you time, money and possibly improves the quality of your own research.
  • CLASSify provides 24-hour, online access to a powerful classification portal.
  • Efficient, cost-effective and affordable… Why not use CLASSify?

Post-market surveillance Programme

20 April 2020

Manufacturers often underestimate post-market surveillance requirements due largely to imprecisely defined legislation and guidelines, a situation further compounded by the new Medical Device Regulations. As a result, it is not uncommon that they fail to capture meaningful post-market data and consequently can encounter difficulties in drawing correct interpretation of their device performance.

QFI has planned and implemented post-market surveillance, post-market clinical follow-up and device tracking for medical device manufacturers and distributors for several years. With extensive experience supporting manufacturers as authorised representative, managing a wide variety of activities ranging from corrections and removals, product recall, notification to treat or warn, safety alerts, etc, QFI have achieved considerable know-how and aptitude in supporting clients seeking practical post-market experience monitoring programmes.

QFI have created programmes that enable clients to fulfil American, British and European legislation (as well as many other international jurisdictions), transform guidelines into effective practices and where contracted, even allow clients to outsource such operations to third parties.

Quality management system

20 April 2020

The majority of device manufacturers must implement a Quality Management System to satisfy the country where they market their product. For example, European regulations encourage and many Notified and other Conformity Assessment Bodies insist that medical devices (EC Product Class IIa – III and in vitro diagnostic devices) must apply a formal quality system such as the Harmonised standard EN ISO 13485. EN ISO 13485 supplements ISO 9001, with further requirements in elements such as process control, design control, retention of records, traceability etc.

With our technical expertise, accuracy and confidentiality we have helped a wide range of companies devise and implement Quality Management Systems that satisfy MHRA, US FDA, EU regulations, TGA Australia, Health Canada and other international regulations to allow legal placement of a product on the particular market. QFI has helped organisations gain access to specific regulatory domains regardless of location through:

  • Creation and implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) satisfying Council Directives 93/42/EEC and 98/79/EC, Regulations (EU) 2017/745 and (EU) 2017/746, EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001. Regularly completed in less than three months, often include comprehensive technical documentation for all device classes, preparation and submission of documents to the Competent Authorities, and fine tuning of the Quality Management System
  • Creation and implementation of the US Code of Federal Regulation – Title 21 (21 CFR) Quality Management Systems (QMS) required for US FDA clearance. QFI regularly prepares and submits US FDA 510(k) and Premarket Approval (PMA) submissions on behalf of clients worldwide.
  • Creation and implementation of hybrid Quality Management Systems (QMS) designed for dual- or multiple jurisdictions, eg simultaneous satisfaction of US FDA, and European Community regulations allowing the client to achieve FDA clearance and legal market placement in the European Community within time and budgetary constraints

We have also produced QMS to enable checks to fulfill a variety of other countries, including: Brazil, Mexico, Middle- and Far-East, etc.

QFI only implements original, custom-written Quality Management Systems. We do not re-use templates. All procedures and record formats are prepared specifically for each organisation using only direct observation of client practice and applicable standards as input. QFI provides skilled guidance and direct assistance to clients during Notified Body and other audits or Competent Authority and US FDA inspections. We have an exemplary record in this capacity. To date, no QFI-implemented Quality Management System has ever failed initial assessment or given rise to a non-compliance report (483 under US FDA 21 CFR) culminating in decline of registration or approval. Further, our clients determine the degree of assistance necessary from a simple review of documentation to complete preparation and implementation undertaken entirely by QFI Technical Specialists.

Although we customise our solutions for every client, our Quality Management Systems comply with the following:

  • EN ISO 13485
  • FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Canadian Medical Devices Regulations

Further, every Quality Management System prepared by Quality First International has passed EN ISO 13485 audit first time, fulfilling sound basis for subsequent registration, authorisation and licence.


10 February 2021

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) mark is a UK product marking used for certain goods, including medical devices, placed on the Great Britain market (England, Wales and Scotland) since 1 January 2021. The UKCA mark is not recognised in the EU, EEA or Northern Ireland and does not substitute for CE marking, so relevant products continue to require CE marking for sale in these markets.

QFI is increasingly aware of manufacturers failing to fulfil their obligations under recent changes to UK medical device legislation. Manufacturers relying on CE marking conformity assessment, including technical documentation, are advised to rectify any deficiencies or incoherence urgently and to implement the requisite documented processes and procedures.

QFI is adept at improving technical documents and documented controls to assist manufacturers in this.

QFI’s UKCA mark service assesses the preparedness of manufacturers’, distributors’ and other UK economic operators’ systems, conformity, and evidence against applicable regulations, including all UK Statutory Instruments and other legislative acts. We formulate effective implementing programmes, and produce bespoke, compliant processes and procedures to effect compliance in your company.

Where instructed, QFI integrates and implements comprehensive, documented systems solutions within your QMS or other management system, as part of a process (based) approach consistent with conventional risk-thinking approaches.