Brexit medical device risk assessment

2 April 2020

Brexit medical device risk assessment

QFI launched the first specially-devised and dedicated Brexit medical device support service, to prepare manufacturer’s and other medical device economic operations for Exit day, thereby avoiding disruption to marketing in the United Kingdom as well as the remaining EU Member States.

Our Brexit risk assessment scrutinises entire economic chain, organisation and product technology identify improvements and contingencies to transpire. Where instructed, QFI can produce full set of documents to allow medical devices to remain on the respective markets.

Our in depth, critical Brexit risk assessment report can serve as the basis for transition, thereby assisting manufacturers and other medical device economic operators to continue to trade unhindered.

If you are involved in supplying finished product, intermediate product or raw materials, perform sub-contract operations for other medical device manufactures or manufacture or assemble, design, service or repair medical devices and equipment, our Brexit risk assessment and solutions are ideal at all supply chain levels.

QFI can also formulate Brexit contingency plans and where required, remediate deficiencies via our Remedium programme.