Expert Witness Programme

2 April 2020

Expert Witness Programme

QFI offers an unbiased Expert Witness service in support of:

  • Defence/Prosecution
  • Independent Review
  • Criminal/Civil
  • Analytical Investigation
  • Liability/Negligence/Mitigation
  • Low and High court actions

Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • A wide range of medical devices, especially high-risk, orthopaedic, cardiology, radiology, biomaterials, permanent implants, infusion & transfusion, medical electronics, active implantable devices, drug device combinations, in vitro diagnostic products, animal tissue derived products and borderline devices
  • Alleged breaches of the General product liability Directive and related Transposition in particular EU Member States, including alleged negligence
  • Investigation of alleged device failure and malfunction
  • Medical device toxicology
  • Alleged device misuse
  • Sterilisation and microbiology
  • Medical device intellectual property assessment

Our Experts are registered with the Expert Witness Institute and other professional bodies and have participated in a variety of medico-legal, civil and criminal settings.