Medical Device Environmental Waste Management Programme

2 April 2020

Medical Device Environmental Waste Management Programme

QFI is adept in transforming environmental factors into effective, documented systems equipped to ensure our clients produce optimally environment-friendly devices and services. The work we undertake far exceeds superficial EMS-type audits.

QFI’s environmental waste management system unites global and sectoral legislation, initiatives, policies and standards in a seamless, integrated programme to assist manufacturers and other economic operators who design, manufacture, distribute and maintain medical devices in fulfilling environmental targets.

With our competence in requisite regulatory and technical areas complemented by scientific professionals in medical device technology, we evaluate environmental regulatory and standards compliance applicable to the medical device industry. We also conduct environmental risk and management system impact assessments, formulate environmental policies, procedures and practices unique to each client and thereof guide your company towards continuous improvement in environmental sustainability. Our programme, ideas and imaged medical device environmental impact management criteria are un-paralleled and are not simply re-workings of conventional ISO 14001 systems. Applying QFI proven methodology, we devise means to achieve greater environmental aspirations and attributions.

Our specialists can help investigate environmental excursions and out-of-specification conditions, advise remedies and recommend solutions, along with create compliant environmental management systems, including ISO 14001 and other goal-oriented standards.

Who should use this programme?
QFI’s environmental programme is suitable for medical device companies who want to:

  • achieve optimally environment-friendly medical devices,
  • improve brand value, reputation and competitive advantage,
  • reconfigure and adapt their business to remain profitable in the long term,
  • attract investors and other markets,
  • demonstrate superior responsibility for environmental impacts from business operations,
  • improve risk management and environmental legal compliance,
  • gain leadership through accountability and engagement of different stakeholders,
  • create a culture of continual improvement of business processes towards environmental sustainability.

What will I gain from this programme?
QFI’s environmental programme will help you to achieve:

  • improved technological and organisational strategy,
  • comprehensive understanding of business processes’ environmental risk and impact complexity,
  • unique strategic business plans and techniques geared towards environmental sustainability,
  • enhanced environmental performance and compliance with environmental legislation,
  • compliance beyond existing practices,
  • production of high-performing, environmentally-friendly products,
  • increased stakeholder expectations and demand for sustainable products,
  • improved reputation, competitiveness, and potential opportunities in business development,
  • comprehensive awareness and effective communication on environmental issues,
  • improved environmental sustainability in organisational culture and functionality,
  • enhanced business profitability.