The newly developed Environmental Similarity Index can help medical device companies gain insights into their waste management

29 January 2021

Haroon Atchia, CEO and co-founder of the London-based medical device regulatory consultancy Quality First International, has written a Technical Paper on medical device waste management introducing the notion of an Environmental Similarity Index (ESI). The use of the ESI is suggested to assist medical device manufacturers predict and assure development of environmentally friendly, eco-designed and green medical devices.

“We think it is time that sustainability and eco-friendliness become topics of discussion in the industry”, says Haroon Atchia. “This Similarity Index can assist the medical device industry to describe devices in simpler terms understandable by regulators and non-scientists alike. We also hope it helps all stakeholders to develop better environmental insight into medical devices and environmental waste management policies and controls.”

About QFI’s Environmental Waste Management System

This QFI service unites global and sectorial legislation, initiative, policies and standards in a seamless, integrated programme to assist manufacturers and other economic operators who design, manufacture, distribute and maintain medical devices in fulfilling environmental targets. QFI is adept in transforming environmental factors into effective, documented systems equipped to ensure clients produce optimally environmentally friendly devices and services. With competence in requisite regulatory and technical areas, complemented by scientific professionals in medical device technology, QFI conducts environmental regulatory and management system impact assessments, formulates environmental risk policies, assesses risk thereof and guides companies seeking improvements in environmental compliance.

The Paper can be downloaded from here.

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About Quality First International (QFI)

QFI is a London-based medical device consulting company specialising in solving its clients’ regulatory, technical and compliance challenges to enable medical devices to enter the global marketplace. QFI provides regulatory advice, quality assurance and clinical trial services, with particular emphasis on the European, US, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, Mexican and Chinese marketplaces. QFI’s clients range from start-up companies to multinational organisations, primarily developing a broad range of cutting edge, minimally invasive and cardiovascular products and implants. QFI also specialises in various remediation and business excellence initiatives including solutions to regulatory enforcement, corporate integrity arrangements and expert witness services.

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