CLASSify allows professionals in the medical device sector and other interested observers to classify products or interrogate the Class of a particular medical device. The website overcomes the need to refer, apply, interpret and record searches that would otherwise demand manual efforts.

CLASSify is the first on-line Classification portal designed to permit users the convenience and simple tool to classify medical devices subject to regulatory control in various parts of the World. Conceived and developed by professionals with numerous years of experience, familiarity and knowledge of the various Classification schemes, the website was engineered by regulatory specialists and experienced programmers following interrogation of the Classification Rules, opinions and other informative sources.

CLASSify allows users to determine the correct EC Product Class (commonly referred to as CE Class or Class) of a medical device, quickly and accurately. Our service was developed with the knowledge of the European Commission but does not constitute an endorsement of the website opinions expressed by us or other users, further, the Class determined and referral to European Official text and does not constitute opinion or judgement by the European Commission.

CLASSify constitutes additional armamentarium to the regulatory professional seeking to determine, confirm or simply check the Class of a medical device to be placed on the Market. With added ease of viewing information in graphical and textual mode, plus the ability to search for the Class of precedent devices already CE Marked, our website will be your primary resource when classification or re-classification is necessary.

Using our unique, intelligent Classification Chart, we offer our members the ability to classify their medical devices in a way previously unheard of. The chart utilises knowledge of the classification rules according to Annex IX from Council Directive (93/42/EEC) to determine what EC Product Class your medical device belongs to. Once you complete the classification of your device, a Classification Report will be available for your device which you can download as PDF. Saving you time and effort, CLASSify will quickly become your primary resource when classification or re-classification is necessary.

Why CLASSify?


  • Saves you time, money and possibly improves the quality of your own research.
  • CLASSify provides 24-hour, online access to a powerful classification portal.
  • Efficient, cost-effective and affordable… Why not use CLASSify?


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